Specialty Coffee: The Pursuit of Deliciousness

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In this episode of Subculture Club, Thrash Lab gives you an inside look at three of their favourite specialty coffee companies.
They started at the roasting plant for LAMILL Coffee, then visited the Oakland headquarters and cupping room for Blue Bottle Coffee Co., to end up at roasting works of Handsome Coffee in downtown Los Angeles.

More about the Specialty Coffee companies:

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Your First Time… Ordering Espresso

So Fetch Daily

I remember when my coffee expertise only extended as far as over-syruped Starbucks drinks. All I knew was that I liked my coffee sweet and strong, and finger-lickin’ foamy. After working the espresso bar myself, it’s become obvious that there is so much more to know. So if you’re new to coffee culture (thus undoubtedly confused) I recommend you follow my beginner’s guide to your first time ordering espresso.

We’ve all experienced that panic-stricken moment of despair right before we reach the register—quivering and shaking, sweating bullets, studying the menu board and then finally we’re asked the dreaded question “What can we get for you?” Your heart stops beating. You are in the twilight zone. You need caffeine. Everybody else around you understands and speaks espresso. Everyone except for you.

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Some of us here at Boston Coffee would love to try “Death Wish” – we think we’re tough enough to take it!


World’s strongest coffee’ has 200% more caffeine than the average cup of joe

‘Death Wish Coffee’ comes with a health warning as well as a money back guarantee if it isn’t the strongest java you’ve ever had.

CATERS Wednesday, July 10, 2013, A coffee enthusiast  has named his highly caffeinated dark roast “Death Wish Coffee.”

Caters News Agency

A coffee enthusiast has named his highly caffeinated dark roast “Death Wish Coffee.”

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Boston Coffee makes new friends with Cafédirect

With ethics in coffee sourcing such a priority in the coffee and cafe market, we have been searching for a long time for a partner that would fill this requirement.

Ideally, they would not only be a responsible sourced bean, but also a trusted, recognisable brand that would be known for their philosophy, have an organic offering, but most importantly; have great tasting coffee with sophisticated flavour profiles and aroma in wholebean, ground and soluble instant. We also wanted something that ‘ticked all the boxes’ that would be suitable for those public bodies who would usually look for Fairtrade products. We’re pleased to say that we have found this with our new offering; Cafédirect. On top of all that, it’s very reasonably priced too.

At Cafédirect we do things differently. We build real and direct relationships with smallholder growers, because the big thing smallholders have is pride and passion and that’s what makes our award-winning range of hot beverages taste so good. In return for their quality crops, we pay growers what they deserve and over the past 20 years we have reinvested over 50% of our profits back to the growers to create a more sustainable future and ensure we provide our customers with top quality products every time – Cafédirect provide a wide range of quality foodservice solutions.

Ethically sourced and packed with fabulous flavour and aroma

Ethically sourced and packed with fabulous flavour and aroma

Dedicated to the out of home sector, Cafédirect understands the differing needs of operators across the diverse channels of the market. Whether you’re a neighbourhood coffee shop or entire stadia, our range of award-winning products has been specifically developed for you. We strive to offer a full support service to help our customers maximise their hot beverage sales. By selecting Cafédirect you are choosing delicious hot beverages and also making an important choice in the way that your customers see you and how you do business, and we are with you all the way.

We are very excited to be stocking Cafédirect and can’t wait to get some of our current customers to try this excellent coffee ( editor’s note: Their espresso is to die for. Smoother than a tiger in a tuxedo. No bitterness, just smooth and almost sweet, but enough bite to handle being used in milk for lattes ect. ) If you would like to learn more about Cafédirect, please feel free to visit their website, and if you would like to try some of their products and be sent a price list, please contact us directly. We don’t think you will be disappointed.