Your First Time… Ordering Espresso

So Fetch Daily

I remember when my coffee expertise only extended as far as over-syruped Starbucks drinks. All I knew was that I liked my coffee sweet and strong, and finger-lickin’ foamy. After working the espresso bar myself, it’s become obvious that there is so much more to know. So if you’re new to coffee culture (thus undoubtedly confused) I recommend you follow my beginner’s guide to your first time ordering espresso.

We’ve all experienced that panic-stricken moment of despair right before we reach the register—quivering and shaking, sweating bullets, studying the menu board and then finally we’re asked the dreaded question “What can we get for you?” Your heart stops beating. You are in the twilight zone. You need caffeine. Everybody else around you understands and speaks espresso. Everyone except for you.

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