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Italian ingenuity for toting their espresso with them has gone from the road to the Sea. Or river. And possibly back on the road via a a caravan ( but I can’t see Italians in caravans. It might be a social / racial prejudice, but I think it would be a fairly positive one ) We brought you the news that Fiat and Lavazza were teaming up for an onboard espresso machine to ship with the new Fiat 500’s. Now, they have taken to the water.

Introducing an espresso machine for your boat. Or caravan. Or anywhere that restricts you to a 350w or a 12V


“Espresso 12 has been developed by people who love travelling for people who likes freedom, since it is perfect to be installed and used on every type of vehicle both for leisure and business.

On a boat, camper, truck, coach or in the car.

Espresso 12 is a real coffee machine, a sturdy professional italian espresso coffee machine to prepare premium quality espresso shots!

Further more Espresso 12 is not a common coffee maker since it has been tested to resist to vibrations and it is a very compact product which has an extremely low energy need to function.”

At the very least, canal boat and caravan holidays will no longer be punctuated by weak offerings of instant granules  with skimmed milk in a chipped mug. Proper espresso adds a sense of luxury and occasion to the most unlikely of surroundings. Just because you’re away from home or your favourite cafe, doesn’t mean you have to suffer bad coffee.

Caffe Espresso Italia


Kenneth the Talking Coffee Machine. Really.


Meet “Kenneth,” the talking vending machine stationed in Soho Square. An ‘employee’ of U.K. Coffee Company Kenco Millicano, Kenneth will give you a free cup of joe on one condition: you must do as he says. Passers-by were shouted at to stop, give him a hug, do a dance and other random acts. If they complied, he treated them to coffee.

NYCappuccino: Seven Sips In The City

A wonderful look at the plethora of coffee and espresso shops in NYC. Personally, I find this a great way to spend a weekend; “Cafe Hopping”

Morningside Hype

In a world that specializes in “personalized coffees” it is hard to believe that just one simple drink can set your mood, and start (or end) your day. Where frappuccinos cool you down in the salty summers, mochas and macchiatos warm your chilly holiday winters, and a latte is as common as water, I decided to look deeper into a drink that’s simple, yet delightful, and when made the right way can be the perfect treat.

The cappuccino, directly translated to mean “small cap,” was first introduced in Italy, when Luigi Bezzera patented the first espresso machine in 1901. Since then, the drink has undergone slight alterations getting it to become the creamy, frothy drink we know today. The coffee bean,originated in Ethiopia and has since travelled from Africa, to Europe, and crossed oceans to the Americas where it is now not only a tasty treat but also, for many…

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